Pasadena Rail can handle all types of rail cars including but not limited to: Hopper Cars, Tank Cars, Flat Cars, Loaded/Empty Railcars, Petroleum, crude oil, asphalt, Chemical, and LPG Tank Cars. Pasadena Rail can handle both Hazardous and Non-Hazardous railcars.

Gravity Rail, the Pasadena Rail Operator, is a leading Industrial Switching, Transloading and Railcar Storage service provider for the Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Refining and Industrial consumer market.


Pasadena Rail has transloading capabilities for the use of loading and off-loading of dry bulk and liquid products. Pasadena Rail also has on site management provided by Gravity Rail, containment, and lighted facilities under camera surveillance. Product transfers can be made via third parties or by Gravity Rail the Pasadena Rail operator.


Pasadena Rail has the capability to perform a wide array of repair, maintenance, and washing services. These include: General Freight car repair, light repair, rolling inspections, air & brake testing, safety appliance inspections, wheel repair, stenciling and minor repainting.